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The software which is excellent whether the software is of any category. the summary of the software will be portrayed in the main page under best downloads yet..

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Welcome to Dune2K-MOD

Welcome to our website where we are creating mods for dune 2000 as well as hosting all the dune 2000 mods out there. This website will be a treasure trove of all objects relater to the classic game.

Dune2K-MOD Developers


The game Emperor Chronicles : The Rise Of Corrino Empire is a Full mod for the game Dune 2000 and contains new missions. This mod is under development by Minority Studios of the Dune2K-MOD.

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Tools (NEW) -
Dune 2000 r8-r16 File Editor

Feature Set:

Can extract and add sprites into the game in 8-bit and 16-bit graphics file.

This is an Alpha release, bugs are highly likely. Backup all relevant files first. The feature set is pretty barebones at the moment, see the future work section for planned improvements.

                                                                      Known issues:

                               DATA.R8 shroud images 40-101 are incorrectly displayed


Warning : Keep a backup of the files you are editing to revert back to original ones.

Download v0.1 (Preview) : Download

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