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Here all downloads will be available for your use.. All downloads redirect to MediaFire..


Dune 2000 Campaign Map Editor by Klofkac

Feature Set:

It is a simple program that allows you to open/save maps and place buildings or units into them.

And can create terrains as well.

Download v0.3 here :  Download

Dune 2000 Campaign Mission Editor by MVI

Feature Set:
Supports editing tech levels, starting money, index allocations, diplomacy, tileset references and time limit.
Also supports modifying, adding and deleting of events, conditions and event-condition mappings.
Supporting AI segment exporting and importing.
As of v0.3 supports preset building types.
In v0.4 AI can be editted but it's still under construction.
Download v0.3 here : Download
Download v0.4 (preview) here : Download

Dune 2000 Tileset Editor

Feature Set:
* Supports loading and saving of both R8 and R16 tilesets
* Supports exporting of tileset images for editing in picture editors like Photoshop or Paint.Net and importing the image back in
* Automatic palette conversion for R8 images, when importing an image the closest palette colours are chosen.
Please note: This is an Alpha release, it is unlikely to be stable and may suffer from bugs. I recommend you back up your files/installation before editing.
Download v0.1 here : Download

Dune 2000 Map Renderer

Feature Set:
The Dune 2000 Map Renderer allows the user to load a map file and export a PNG image displaying its terrain, spice, buildings and starting units.
The Map Renderer is bundled with a folder containing PNG images of each tileset and will automatically pick the correct tileset image for a loaded map if there is a matching mission file at the same location as the map file. If you modify the game's tileset or add a new one, you will need to make the corresponding changes to the tool's tileset folder.
The map renderer is not intended to replicate the in-game look perfectly and there are some relatively unimportant differences in how the game and the Map Renderer display: walls do not perfectly align; spice has hard edges and buildings do not display the concrete beneath them.
Download v0.2 here : Download

Dune 2000 UI Table Editor

Feature Set:
* New in 0.3 Now supports editing Menus.UIB and Colours.UIB (in addition to the original support for Text.UIB and Samples.UIB)
* New in 0.3 Now supports loading and automatically fixes .UIB files saved in Siberian String Table Editor
* New in 0.3 Added Find feature
* New in 0.3 Rebranded to UI Table Editor (originally String Table Editor)
* New in 0.2 Displays indexes on the left (these indexes are also used in the mission editor for messages)
* New in 0.2 Jump to a specific index, for easy navigation
* Edit existing string table keys and values
* Add and remove string table entries
Please note: If you are still editing a box, the current contents will not be counted when you save. Hit enter to finish editing the current box before saving.

Download v0.3 : Download

Dune 2000 UI Layout Editor

Feature Set:
* Converts UIL files to a text format that is easy to edit and converts back on save
* Supports dragging of UIL files from explorer onto the editor
* Tracks changes to prevent accidentally closing the program without saving
Editing these files is not dissimilar from editing HTML, you will find some useful information in this topic
Please note: MainMenu.uil appears to have an incorrect entry count at the start which means it will not currently load or save correctly. Do not attempt to save over this file as you will merely break the file. This will be addressed in a future release.

Download v0.1 : Download

Dune 2000 Aud to Wav Audio Converter

Feature Set:

Tool for playing and converting Westwood .AUD audio.
* Supports loading an AUD and playing it.
* Supports exporting AUD to WAV file
* Supports replacing AUD contents from WAV file
* Supports saving AUD file with new WAV contents
* Supports shortcuts (Ctrl-O, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-P, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-R)
* Supports AUD files being dragged onto the EXE icon.
* Supports AUD files being dragged onto the open window.

Download v0.1 : Download

Dune 2000 r8 File Editor/ Dune 2000 Image Convertor

Feature Set:

Can extract and add sprites into the game in 8-bit graphics file.

Still missing some graphics from the r8 files.

Warning : But this might wipe out other data files which are not accessable through this tools.

Download v1.2 : Download


Dune 2000 r8-r16 File Editor

Feature Set:

Can extract and add sprites into the game in 8-bit and 16-bit graphics file.

This is an Alpha release, bugs are highly likely. Backup all relevant files first. The feature set is pretty barebones at the moment, see the future work section for planned improvements.

                                                                      Known issues:
                               DATA.R8 shroud images 40-101 are incorrectly displayed

Warning : Keep a backup of the files you are editing to revert back to original ones.

Download v0.1 (Preview) : Download

Dune 2000 Sound Effects Tool

Feature Set:
* Supports loading RS sound collections
* Supports playing sounds in application
* Supporting importing, exporting, deleting and replacing sounds
Also Note: This is an Alpha release, it is unlikely to be stable and may suffer from bugs. I recommend you back up your mission files/installation before editing.

Download v0.1 : Download

VQA to AVI Converter

Feature Set:

This software is used to convert vqa, mix or aud files into avi, pcx or wav.

Download v1.36 : Download

AVI to VQA Converter

Feature Set:

This software is used to convert avi or a combination of avi and wav into a vqa file.

Download v0.52 : Download


Atriedes Campaign - Battle for Dune
Mod type: Atriedes Campaign Replacement + UI text replacement.
Author:[AKA]Fedaykin & Iheb96

Feature set :

* This campaign is an original one, there are no remakes of original Atreides missions.
* INFO: You control the noble House Atreides and trying to form alliances that will help you to conquer Arrakis. The missions have multiple type of objectives.
* Installation readme included.



D2k HammerFest

Mod type:Mod in a Mission


*A special mission with a very different concept than most of other missions. It is a mod in a map. You take control of the Atreides base in the great war against House Harkonnen.

*You have a pre-constructed full base, without Construction Yards, so every building is important. Some units have different settings & names 

*Make sure you check the readme file for the changelog.

*New version with some other changes is being prepared.


Dune 2000 Expansion Blank Shell


Dune 2000 Expansion Blank Shell

Mod type:Expansion Shell

Version: v1.0(test)


Add expansion without overwriting the original game but use the units from the original game files.

Add new missions without overwriting original game files.

To use this you should know how to use 'uil editor' and 'uit editor' by mvi.

If you want help in using this files or if you want to report any bugs please contact me in this thread:


Download V1 : LINK