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Dune 2000 Pre Production Info

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Recently I asked Jason Redway, one of the artists on Dune 2000 to share his experiences of the Dune 2000 development process. Not only did he provide some really interesting information but he also sent pre-production artwork and promotional pitch video that Intelligent Games sent to Westwood. 


Before we actually started production of D2K, we had to pitch the idea to Westwood Studios, many of the guys were playing C&C at the time and we had a reasonably good relationship with Westwood Management so we had a good chance but it was not a definite. We had to prove that we had the technology and the expertise to diversify into the RTS genre. Previously we had a 3D adventure game (Azreal's Tear), a golf game (PGA European Tour) and the recently completed Waterworld - this one was the closest that we had experience of combat strategy gaming.

Initial ideas were that we would use the 3D engine we had produced Azreal's Tear and the recently cancelled Dark Hermetic Order to create the first realtime 3D RTS. With this brief I was tasked to create a short atmosphere setting video that we would present to Westwood. I used 3DS Max 1.2 and created some environments, the lead art director (Richard Evans) produced some real-time units and buildings that we were going to use for a tech demo which I included in the video. During production of the video it was decided that the average home computer in 1998 would not be powerful enough to render a screen full of 3D and still be playable so the switch was made to pre-rendered isometric artwork. More units were produced in this fashion for the tech demo and I also used them for the video.

I also got involved in R&D for the terrain, after the decision was made to go pre-rendered I produced a bunch of tilesets that we used to work out the requirements for what types of tile we would need. Being a fan of US Gold's Gauntlet beck in the Coomodore64 days I found that it was quite easy to define internal and external corner tiles. They didn't look particularly nice but they did the job of working out what we needed:

The last two images here showing the wreckage of a crashed heighliner and the skeleton of a dead sandworm - albeit a small one.

I also started developing some feature ideas too, some things that would have a strategic element in the game, such as ravines and gullies:

The tech demo was a simple playable game to prove that we could grab a unit and make it attack a building. The video that I had produced was used as an intro to the game demo. Westwood were impressed that we had produced a tech demo and intro movie in just three weeks and we were give the go ahead for a 12 month production time for the full game.

I also had a little play around with the UI, I wanted to bring HR Giger back into Dune so I produced a score screen that used his skull factory image:

After pre-production on D2K I was moved onto working on a track data disc for EA's Need for Speed II. The process was heavily technical and I was the most technical artist at IG at the time so I qualified myself more for that than working on D2K fulltime. I did however get called back into D2K during quiet times on NFS and it was one of those periods I produced the cursors but it was really too easy, they wanted them to look like the C&C cursors but fit in with Dune - my only choice really was to make them isometric like the game world.

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Completion of the mod is imminent

It has been an year since i began making this mod for the game and finally the missions are complete but other extra stuffs are still to be done and are pending. The Above Image Depicts the modified Main Menu. For more information on the mod go to our official mod page.

THE AQIB || 11:05pm IST ||  4/15/2013 || Dune 2000 Emperor Mod News

Details about my first mod (Emperor Mod For Dune 2000)

Well i've begin the work on my new mod which is planned to be like a prequel to the game mentioned above "Dune 2000 : The Era Of War". The game will feature a new team which will be there further in the game Dune 2000 : The Era Of War. The story revolves around events before the Era Of War begins. About an exile of the corrino's loyalists , a scecret behind the sardukar's loyality to the emperor , why duke dislikes the emperor , and much more...
Be sure to play when the game comes out...
For Shai Hulud!!!

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Production Process on a New Game

Well games are being written everyday and most of them are fps/3d. Well even i have begun on this conquest for writing games but i've gone in a different direction. I'm building an RTS game based on Duniverse(especially Dune 2000). Well my team is just me and others from D2k Forum help me out with ideas. The game takes you on a journey through Arakis the desert planet

And through the hands of the three great houses of dune

House Atreides was one of the Houses Major within the galactic infrastructure of the Imperium. They were ruled by the patriarch of the Atreides family, who took the title of Duke.
Headed by the duke's mentat the famous Noree Moneo are Atriedes hailing from the water planet Caladin. The Atrides famous for their fleet of ornithopters and sonic machinery have upper hand on hilly rigid terrain. Allies of the fremen, the native of Arakis, strong anti tank army. Now with the Duke permission unleash a new breed of tank rendered to destroy anything in its path. Will the House Atriedes succeed in bringing the decietful emperor to its knees.
House Harkonnen
House Harkonnen was a Great House during the time of the Padishah Emperors. Their capital was Giedi Prime, a heavily industrialised planet with a low photosynthetic potential.
Headed by the Baron's mentat a Ghola made in the Tailexu flesh vats, Hayt De Vries, are the Harkonnen hailing from the volcanic and desolated planet Giedi Prime. Harkonnen are known to have left their humanity except for their genetic structure. Their vast arrays of Neuclear wepons holds thier place in ground battles. Will they Stand blood with blood with The emperor or Destroy the empror for good.
House Ordos
House Ordos was a mercantile Great House whose home was an ice-covered planet, Sigma Draconis 4, in the Sigma Draconis star system. House Ordos was most famous for its smuggling of forbidden Ixian technologies into their home planet, and for the wealth that makes them paranoid, but powerful.
Headed by their mentat,Edric O.(a thinking machine of ixian origin), are ordos hailing from the frigid ice planet called Sigma Draconis IV. They are masters of merchants and buy their armies instead of building them. They also are the masters of trickery and sabotage and cannot be trusted. Will they bring the Emperor down using their clever brain
House Corrino(Emperor)
The Imperial House Corrino was once the deadliest and grandest House Major found within the Known universe, and for many thousands of years the imperial family of the Imperium. The official residence of the Imperial House Corrino was the planet Kaitain while their personal fief was the ancestral exile planet Salusa Secundus.

Headed by the emperor himself swore to rule the known universe even by spilling their own blood. Their loyal battle hardened Sardukar pose a threat to whom so ever faces him. With control over the vast space will the emperor destroy himself in his dream or will he suceed in fulfilling it.
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The very beginning of the site

This site will host dune2k and mods created by me and a few others which i think deserve a recognition. (For those of you who don't know dune2k, it is an rts game created by the famed westwood studios the creators of command and conquer. Based loosely on the novel by Frank Herbert called 'Dune'. The gameplot is interesting but due to no official editors it almost reached abandonware, and due to a guy named 'MVI' we've got the liberty to make mods for the game. Visit
http://d2kplus.com/ for finding out more). Hence began my journey on modding the mother of all rts games.
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